Each CAGIN product is a result of a design process, which starts with an original idea, the production opportunities analysis and ends with a product production.

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We design each collection carefully, adapting it to the modern fashion and specific models demand. We develop all kinds of office furniture: chief executive’s offices, personnel furniture, office chairs, desks and tables, soft furniture and office dividers.

CAGIN office furniture is dozens of collections for offices from low-cost to luxury series; it’s a combination of quality, a unique design, functionality and reliability. CAGIN products are comfortable and high quality, the prices are reasonable and this is a perfect combination which makes the furniture especially attractive for the buyers.

Each model of CAGIN office furniture is a unique design, ergonomic and functional clever furniture which takes into account the office workers’ needs. Turkish furniture is a guarantee of high quality and reasonable price.

Furniture mechanisms and its parts are produced according to all modern design and ergonomics requirements. All the production stages are done at the CARGIN factory with the most modern equipment.We create offices from scratch on a turnkey basis, which includes developing a general concept of the office, selecting the furniture from our collection or producing furniture according to the company needs and offering a complete project to the customer. 

CAGIN is a famous Turkish furniture company, which is an expert in developing new models and producing office furniture. The company has been engaged in wholesale and retail business of own-produced office furniture both in Turkey and all over the world. The company portfolio has hundreds of different office furniture models: office furniture, managers’ offices, desks, chairs, wardrobes, drawer units, stands, office dividers; furniture specially designed for hotels, restaurants and schools.
Our selection of office furniture has everything to make your work process easy. Besides, you will find lots of ideas about how to make your work place not just beautiful, but also efficient.