Wave specially designed for Executive Workspaces; It adds positive energy to your office with its minimal design, fine details and strong construction structure.


In addition to wood and metal materials, special cut marble that changes the air of your office and gives positive energy is used in the team.


With the upper energy and connection fittings, all electronic connections needed in modern life are available for your order.

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Wave is obtained from a masterful and elegant furniture workmanship that combines solid wood, marble and leather material as well as a contemporary design approach.


Along with the plain and original workmanship of the metal legs, it allows the creation of a spacious working environment to harmonize with your habits and motifs of different and prestigious working areas.




All these details make a manager much stronger and more self-confident. While its combination with large storage areas creates a spacious office working environment, this harmonious combination enables the architectural design to be decorated with a common language.


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